Psychoanalyst, Certified in Adult and in Child & Adolescent Analysis, International Association of Analytical  Psychology (IAAP)

Certified Sandplay Therapist and Teaching Member (CST/ISST-T)

Licensed Psychologist OH 6693, CA PSY9197



1997-2012 Member and Training Analyst, C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco

Analyst Member, Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts

Analyst Member, International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP)

Editorial Board, Journal of Analytical Psychology

Teaching Member, International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) and Sandplay Therapists of America (STA)

Honorary Member, Laboratory for the Study of Images (AIPA), Rome

Emeritus Member, American Psychological Association

Member, Psychologists for Social Responsibility



IN ADDITION TO FORMAL QUALIFICATIONS, I have pursued interests that have enriched my work as an analyst. These include a studies of Navajo and Lakota spiritual practices. Another interest I have pursued in depth is the study of medieval alchemy as a window into the unconscious.

C. G. Jung explored the images of medieval alchemy in order to study imagery emerging from the unconscious while the alchemist was exploring the properties of matter and its transformation.

Alchemy was also a way of talking about a spiritual quest for inner transformation in a way that obscured this work and provided some protection from religious persecution.

Alchemical imagery is full of paradox and the play of opposites, which helps one to see beyond attitudes that have been taken for granted.

The image above shows a hermaphroditic figure with a male and a female head, standing on the feminine symbol of the moon. The moon  symbolized change as opposed to the constancy of the sun–and ultimately lunar consciousness, that is, a consciousness that is informed by dreams, images, and somatic experience.

Jungian analysts and scholars today, including myself,  have continued this exploration.  I have  co-authored a book on alchemy and analysis with the late Joseph L. Henderson, MD, who was an analysand of C. G. Jung.